Our Work
At AiXist, our commitment to addressing existential risks posed by artificial intelligence (AI) development is unwavering. Through our diverse range of activities and initiatives, we strive to tackle the complex challenges presented by the convergence of AI with advanced weapon systems. From conducting groundbreaking research to advocating for policy changes and fostering global awareness, our consortium works tirelessly to promote responsible AI development and mitigate potential risks. Explore below to learn more about our ongoing efforts and the outcomes we aim to achieve.

At AiXist we are conducting cutting-edge research to understand the implications of AI in nuclear, biological and autonomous weapons, including potential risks and vulnerabilities.

Enhanced Understanding: A deeper understanding of the existential risks posed by AI in nuclear, biological and autonomous weapons, informed by rigorous research and analysis.

We are engaging with governments, international bodies, and stakeholders to advocate for responsible AI development and the establishment of robust arms control mechanisms.

Policy Impact: Advocacy and engagement leading to the development of responsible policies, international agreements, and ethical guidelines to mitigate AI-related existential risks.

We are raising global awareness about AI-related existential risks in nuclear, biological and autonomous weapons through workshops, public outreach, and knowledge dissemination.

 Global Awareness: Increased global awareness and knowledge about the potential consequences of AI advancements in the realm of security and the importance of responsible AI development.

Establish a network of experts, policymakers, academics, and organisations to facilitate collaboration, information sharing, and the development of risk mitigation strategies.

Risk Mitigation: Practical risk mitigation strategies and best practices for integrating AI into security systems, emphasising verification, accountability, and ethical considerations.

Our consortium is committed to addressing these critical issues, collaborating with stakeholders, and leveraging the collective expertise of its members to promote a safer, more secure world in the age of artificial intelligence, encompassing nuclear, biological and autonomous weapons.